What Strata Offers You

Strata deploys the package of services that FMS offers to our luxury brand clients to help you market properties.

Using your branding and visual identity we can produce a multi-platform suite of selling tools – brochures, iPad and mobile Apps plus advertising space in the FMS stable of magazines – that will speak to your customer in the most compelling terms.

Using our skill in speaking to HNW consumers, our ability to transfer marketing messages into engaging editorial, our unparalleled contacts in the worlds of photography and journalism and our talent for wrapping the whole in beautiful design values, we have created a new sales service we like to call ‘top-tier marketing’.

Welcome to Strata

Strata by FMS Publishing

Writing = The Story of the Property

Facts and figures form the foundation for a more influential and compelling story that surrounds each property and Strata aims to bring this out in each and every case.

Using writers who have built their careers in magazine editorial covering subjects such as style, design and travel, Strata will commission research and copywriting to draw out the USPs of each property, its individual provenance and heritage, telling the story that will convince the buyer that what they are looking at is something more than bricks and mortar, but something closer to a home that they wish to buy.

Writing = The Property in Context

Location, location,... It's true that every property stands or fails by its location. The Strata service will examine and analyse the local area to create a useful, entertaining area guide that is relevant to HNW consumers – detailing local schools, services and lifestyle from cafés to restaurants and boutiques.

This will be researched and refined by expert Strata copywriters in-house.


The pictures that you see in magazines such as House and Garden or Ideal Home look different to those you see in most estate agents' marketing materials. The ‘editorial look’ is warmer, more engaging and many times more inspirational. Part of the Strata service is capturing that elusive look and feel to help sell your property.

Employing photographers who have developed their eye for detail and ambience, Strata will commission lifestyle images alongside essential interior shots for a comprehensive view of each property.

Photographers can be re-commissioned alongside your existing photography plans, or originated in-house by Strata.

Your Branding

All materials will be branded with your logos, mission statements, staff details and, where appropriate, observational comments highlighting features of the property from your team. Strata simply takes the reach of your marketing to a new level.


From the teams that produce magazine layouts on behalf of some of the world's finest luxury brands, your properties will benefit from art direction and design from a creative team that understands the visual language of luxury like no other.

Multi-media Platforms


Brochures and paper-based materials can be produced to the specification that most ideally suits your selling needs. The Strata service benefits from relationships with some of the most competitive print suppliers in the country through the association with FMS Publishing.

iPad and Mobile Applications

The Internet has taken the art of selling property into a new era and the Strata service harnesses the exciting possibilities that digital dissemination opens up.

Each property will have rich content supplied through up-to-the-minute digital platforms originated in-house by the Strata team. These can be made available through your website, on Apple iTunes (where timing allows) and QR code links.

Advertising in FMS magazines

The Strata service takes advantage of the specialist skill and luxury insight of the FMS Publishing team and also benefits from access to it’s physical product; the luxury brand customer magazines. Reaching up to 200,000 HNW readers per year, the Strata service includes the possibility of taking advertising space in the magazines, scale-able according to your selling needs.

Process and Workload

Strata offers you dedicated, experienced in-house project managers who will plan and liaise with you on taking the necessary steps to bring Strata to each property, taking as much administration and organisation off your desk as possible.

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Strata Benefits Overview

  • Expert copywriting; fluid and influential prose
  • Art direction and photography from highly-experienced, industry-leading creatives
  • Design that fully incorporates your brand and brand values
  • Provenance and heritage research; our dedicated editorial team intuit and enrich the narrative potential of your property
  • Lifestyle insight gives buyers more reason to linger; we include local area luxury shopping, schools and amenities guides for high-end residential properties, for example
  • Highest-level print quality on paper materials
  • Individual iPad Application using up to the minute design and navigational software
  • Unique Advertising Opportunity; access to the FMS HNW mailing database via advertising in our stable of magazines


For more information on the Strata service please contact:

Nigel Ross
T: 01249 700170
M: 07710 520084
E: nigel@informationworks.co.uk